Eclipse of 2024

On April 8 of this year, 2024, there will be a total eclipse of the sun. A total solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, completely blocking the face of the Sun. This is a natural, cyclical event.


But when anything like this happens, there are  non-Christian and, more sadly, Christian sources, that begin to give predictions, usually composed of warnings. They typically do this by connecting past eclipses to events that occurred after those eclipses, and then extrapolating that into the forthcoming event.


Eclipse in 2017

There was a solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, and I did three Facebook posts on it (links given at end). This is from one of the 2017 Facebook posts, “More Folly at Signs in the Skies:”


I think we’ll see more “predictions” with this, especially since the 2024 eclipse with make a diagonal line across the U.S. the other way, forming an X more or less with this one. It’s a temptation of the flesh to try to find or see a meaning in it, but of course, there is none. But if one wants to find meaning in something, they will.


So now it is 2024 and the would-be prophets and predictors are rubbing their hands in anticipation of pronouncing a lot of dire events they want people to believe will happen. Some or all of these people likely know that the path of this eclipse will make a diagonal line across the U.S. the opposite way of the one in 2017 and will make much of that.



Disasters? Crises? Hebrew Letters?

Some have pointed out that in the 2017 eclipse, there were natural disasters, a mass shooting (at the outdoor concert in Las Vegas), the first year of a presidency, and so forth. Well, so what? Pick a year – any year – and I will show you natural disasters, important political events, mass shootings (there were quite a few in 2023, some very close together), economic crises, health crises, and more. Stuff is always happening! It is called life. I can think of several other years that I would consider much more momentous than 2017.


One article I read talked about the path of this year’s eclipse intersecting with the path of the 2017 eclipse and making figures like some of the Hebrew letters. Of course, one can turn any pattern into anything if one has that aim. It is like looking for images in the clouds. (I am not posting links to any articles that promote this ludicrous and unbiblical thinking; it is garbage). All this is supposedly a sign of earthquakes and economic collapse.


I can tell you what reading messages like this in natural events is called: it is called divination, which is an occult practice. Reading a meaning into creation where there is none is the same as being a psychic, astrologer, tarot card reader, or crystal ball gazer. So Christians doing this or believing in these predictions and “signs” are participating in something God has denounced and forbidden. It is not only unbiblical, it is anti-biblical.


Earthquakes and economic collapses (depending on how you define “collapse”) happen a lot, so it is not hard to predict them. It is like saying there will be a conflict with a foreign government next year. Or there will be problems on Wall Street. Or there will be conflict in the Middle East. Or there will an elected official caught in a scandal. Or….you get the idea.


Eclipses are natural events, not supernatural, and should be of interest only on that level, and anticipated with interest in viewing it if one can, appreciating the universe God has created and thanking him for it. But there is no meaning to it. It is pagan societies who have given great meaning, usually a bad one, to solar eclipses, thinking that the sun was being swallowed or destroyed. This is blatant superstition and connected to belief in false gods (who are demons).


Christians who take part in these eclipsial (I just made up that word) warnings by posting them or sharing others’ warnings should be rebuked by their church leaders. It is agreement with an occult practice to teach others that an eclipse has a meaning, or to promote such a belief.


As many elementary school teachers and others have said, “put on your thinking caps, people.”


And as God states:


“Thus says the Lord:

‘Learn not the way of the nations,

nor be dismayed at the signs of the heavens

because the nations are dismayed at them….'” Jeremiah 10:2



CANA Facebook posts on the 2017 eclipse are here, here, and here.


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