Have you ever wished there was a book on the occult written from a Christian viewpoint, with suggestions on how to talk about this to your kids or teens? Well, such a book now exists, SpellBound: The Paranormal Seduction of Today’s Kids.

This book is for:

-Sunday School teachers
-Youth Pastors
-Youth Leaders and workers
….And anyone who would like to know how to recognize the occult in our culture, as well as a solid biblical view of and response to the occult

Marcia Montenegro was asked by Cook to write this book as a guide for parents and other interested adults. The book covers what exactly the occult is, how it’s being packaged and marketed in our culture, and how to talk to children and teens about the occult. It can now be pre-ordered on some book sites.

The book’s information comes from Marcia’s many years of participation in New Age, Eastern, and occult beliefs; her practice as a professional astrologer for 8 of those years, including teaching astrology; extensive reading and research of New Age and occult materials; and experiences and contacts she had in the New Age/occult community for over 15 years.

Additionally, since becoming a Christian, Marcia’s knowledge in these areas has been supplemented by her contacts, reading, and research through her ministry, CANA/Christian Answers for the New Age. Since 1994, she has written on these topics for Christian periodicals, has been interviewed on radio shows and for publications, and has lectured on these areas around the country.

**From the Foreword by Norman Geisler:

“The time for discernment is upon us. Marcia Montenegro has written a biblically based, culturally relevant, and very insightful book to help us in this discernment. Every Christian home needs it. I highly recommend SpellBound.”

~ Norman Geisler


Further Comments on SPELLBOUND

“SpellBound provides readers with crucial information that is clearly and compellingly presented. Marcia Montenegro writes from experience, but also appeals to evidence and biblical truth. Parents will appreciate SpellBound’s candid and straightforward approach.” ~ Robert Velarde, Focus on the Family; author of The Lion, the Witch, and the Bible (From back cover of SpellBound)

“Marcia Montenegro has brought a tremendous amount of personal experience and research to bear on this crucial topic. Parents cannot afford to be uninformed about the danger the occult poses for their children. SpellBound can provide the tools parents need to safeguard their families.” ~ Dr. Richard Howe, former professor of apologetics at Southern Evangelical Seminary (From back cover of SpellBound)

“With the growth of occultism in culture and even in the church, Marcia’s book SpellBound is a must read for families.” ~ L. L. (Don) Veinot, Jr., President, Midwest Christian Outreach (From front page of SpellBound)

“I just finished Spellbound and I think that it is an excellent resource! You better believe that I will be picking up extra copies to hand out to lots of parents I know. You did a wonderful job of raising issues of concern without being an alarmist. I particularly appreciate the work you did in providing tools for parents and people who work with younger teens. Excellent discussion points!” ~ Angela Zaev, Christian Book Club Co-Leader, Church of the Holy Spirit (Anglican), Ashburn, VA

“Marcia’s book is excellent. Whilst there is some deep thought and well-researched information, it is presented in a straight-forward and easy-to-read style that makes it accessible to the average parent who is stressed and doesn’t have much of a brain left after a hard day at work.” ~ Jennifer Kambas, Mom of an 8-year-old, So. California

“I love your book! It is a wonderful resource for church leaders and for parents. Your explanations of various practices are clear and your first-hand knowledge of experiences adds credibility to the book. I especially appreciate the “Bringing It Home” sections of each chapter. The questions serve as good discussion starters with kids. I highly recommend Spellbound.” ~ Sharon Hoover, Director of Student Ministries, Centreville Presbyterian Church, Centreville, VA

“Montenegro’s work is a virtual encyclopedia of the major components of the occult. She tells what they are, where they came from, why they are a threat, and most importantly, what Scripture has to say about them.” From book review of SpellBound by M K Goedelman, PFO Journal, Vol 27, No. 1, January-March 2007, p. 24

“I would just like to write and let you know how much I appreciated and enjoyed the book Spellbound. . . . . Thanks for writing this book! . . . . Your book has helped me gain a better understanding of the occult and its pull on the lives of today’s youth. In my apologetic endeavors I have encountered many of the things you speak about in your book. . . . I DO hear very often the comparison between Christianity, and Paganism. They argue that prayer is another form of casting spells, and the Holy spirit, just another form of spirit guide. I’m glad that you confronted some of these arguments in your book. . . .Thanks for writing about this vital topic! ~ Scott Terry, Alexandria, VA

SpellBound and an interview of Marcia was featured in the May 2007 Reasoning from the Scriptures Newsletter by Dr. Ron Rhodes, Author and President of Reasoning from the Scriptures.

“We very much recommend the book Spellbound The Paranormal Seduction of Today’s Kid’s by Marcia Montenegro.” Jeff and Liz Harshbarger of Refuge Ministries, May 2007 Newsletter

Find out more

To find out more and about this book and to purchase it, visit any of these sites:

Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/kdqz4

Cook: http://tinyurl.com/fj5sn

CBD (Christianbook.com): http://tinyurl.com/zyj6u

Barnes & Noble: http://tinyurl.com/escjy

SpellBound is also found on the websites for Lifeway, Books-A-Million, Parable, and others.


(After each chapter in chapters 1-15, practical tips are offered on covering the chapter’s topics with children and teens; chapters 16-18 provide a biblical approach in dealing with the entire subject matter)

PART ONE: What Is the Paranormal and Why Is It A Threat to Our Kids?

Chapter 1 What is the Paranormal? The Hidden and Forbidden

Chapter 2 Hidden Meanings, Hidden Powers, Hidden Beings

Chapter 3 Fantasy vs. the Paranormal

Chapter 4 Bewitching Entertainment

Chapter 5 The Dark Side

PART TWO: What Aspects of the Paranormal Do Our Kids Encounter? Where Divination, Sorcery, and Spirit Contact Touch Our Kids

Chapter 6 What’s Your Sign? The Mystique and Mistake of Astrology

Chapter 7 Who Are the Psychics and Can They Help?

Chapter 8 Divination – Not Divine!

Chapter 9 Is Magic Just in Fairy Tales? Part One

Chapter 10 Is Magic Just in Fairy Tales? Part Two

Chapter 11 Magic As A Game

Chapter 12 Angels of Light: Deception From Beyond, Part One

Chapter 13 Angels of Light: Deception From Beyond, Part Two

Chapter 14 The Ouija Board: Dialing for Danger?

Chapter 15 Auras, The Astral Plane, Astral Travel, Energy, and Symbols

PART THREE: Talking To Your Kids About the Paranormal

Chapter 16 Taking A Stand: The Fear of God Is The Beginning Of Wisdom

Chapter 17 Responding To Objections

Chapter 18 Protecting and Equipping Your Kids

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