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First published in Midwest Outreach Christian Journal, Fall 2008; title and article modified for CANA website   On March 3rd, 2008, Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle began an online class with […]

  From Oprah Winfrey’s Television Show, April 9, 2008: A woman in the audience says that even before she read Tolle, she had come to believe that Christianity is about […]

All spiritual belief systems must come to grips with the evidence that humanity does not always act in kind, compassionate, or loving ways. How do we explain hatred, prejudice, crime, […]

  EASTERN/NEW AGE BIBLICAL Creation is an illusion and God (nondual Hinduism) or Buddha nature/mind is the only reality (Buddhism); creation is God (pantheism); creation is a manifestation of God […]

This writer was involved in meditation and Tibetan Buddhism in the late 1970s before I immersed myself in Zen Buddhism and astrology. Tibetan meditation and singing bowls were certainly fringe […]

(An edited, modified version of this article appeared in the Spring, 2007 issue of Midwest Christian Outreach Journal)   What do Oprah Winfrey, the Unity Church/Unity School of Christianity, Chicken […]

On Feb. 8, 2007, the topic of a book and newly released DVD called The Secret debuted on Oprah Winfrey’s television show.1 Due to the immense response, a follow-up show […]

I first started believing in reincarnation when reading a book. But you may be surprised to know that it was a secular book, Twenty Cases of Reincarnation by Ian Stevenson, a professor […]

Definition of the Occult The occult is an umbrella term which includes many practices linked to various belief systems. The concepts and teachings are usually based on beliefs that:   […]

The Hindu word “karma” is used more and more often with a Western twist in meaning. Often people say it to mean “luck” (good or bad) or even as a […]