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Yoga is increasingly being presented under other names. Sometimes it is called Christian Yoga or Sacred Moves; it may be called “Mind Body Spirit,” or another innocuous-sounding name. But whoever […]

A children’s section of the March 7, 2010 Washington Post (“The Mini Page”), called “Go Yoga,” highlighted Yoga with stories, photos, and puzzles. The feature also offered New Age websites […]

Yoga has become so well packaged as an exercise that people even believe this was the original intent of yoga, often calling yoga “stretching exercises.” People in the U.S. and […]

Yoga in India is taught and practiced in many forms because there are various forms of yoga. In this country, we most often encounter hatha yoga, the physical form of […]

First and foremost, Yoga is a process of spiritual unfoldment. Yoga is a 5000 year old system of self-knowledge and God-realization, the aim of which is unleashing the full hidden potential […]

1. “Alternative medicine” is called alternative because the technique/ drug/ herb has not been or cannot be adequately tested, or has been found ineffective or dangerous. If it were a […]