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What About the Enneagram is hosted on the site of Southern Evangelical Seminary.

A Q&A video session with Girl Talk Apologetics on our book, Richard Rohr and the Enneagram Secret.  Giving answers are Dr. Jay Medenwaldt (whose session is the first 40 minutes), […]

Why “naked” in the title? That is simple. When one removes the mystical language and the false data about the Enneagram, the book is left naked. That is, once this material is removed, there would be nothing left but blank pages. As it is, this book is an example of the dangers that come with the Enneagram I have been warning about: Contemplative Spirituality, Panentheism, and possibly Perennial Wisdom (see info & links on authors toward the end). This book is all of these dangers on steroids.

Interview with Janet Swanson of "One Voice"

Interview on the Enneagram with Janet Swanson of “One Voice” Interview with co-author Don Veinot, Part 1  

Interview on the Enneagram with Jenn Nizza


Interview on Enneagram and Yoga with Dave Jenkins of Servants of Grace. Go here to see links for both audio and video of interview

Richard Rohr and the Enneagram Secret by Don & Joy Veinot and Marcia Montenegro was the first Christian book written to give the facts on the Enneagram. Please see this […]

One of the popular defenses of the Enneagram is to refer to Paul’s discourse on Mars Hill in which he quotes pagan poets in Acts 17 or to Paul’s quotes […]

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One of the defenses used for the Enneagram is an appeal to the passage about meat sacrificed to idols (1 Corinthians 8; 10:24ff). However, consulting the Enneagram is not comparable […]