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  This article includes concerns with Michael Heiser, John Mark Comer, and Gregory Boyd, all influences on Bible Project’s Tim Mackie         Five points of concerns are […]

Interview on the New Age with Dave Jenkins of Equipping You in Grace, top part is audio and bottom part is video

Video interview with Pastor Walter Swaim of Truth Unbound, part 1, giving my testimony with some talk about the New Age

Video interview on the McFiles program on mysticism in the church (Contemplative Prayer)

Video interview of my testimony with Salvador Cordova of Evidence and Reason  

Video interview on New Thought with Kathryn Camp of Faith and Culture, part 2

After someone sent me the Renovare Bible (now called the Life With God Bible) several years ago, I looked through it and made notes of troubling things I found.  My […]

This profile of astrology was written for Watchman Fellowship and is found as a PDF on their website here.

Blindness in the Old Testament Despite the number of miracles recorded in the Hebrew Scriptures (also known as the Old Testament), there are no accounts of any blind person being […]

Video interview on"New Thought" on Faith & Culture

Video interview on New Thought as guest of Kathryn Camp of Faith & Culture