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Video interview on New Thought with Kathryn Camp of Faith and Culture, part 2

Video interview on"New Thought" on Faith & Culture

Video interview on New Thought as guest of Kathryn Camp of Faith & Culture

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Interview as guest of Jacob Eggers with Truther Odyssey Media discussing the Enneagram, New Age and New Thought in the church, and more; Marcia comes on at around the 32 […]

New Thought

  “Thoughts are things.” “Believe it and receive it.” “Think positive.”   What do Helen Keller, “Queen of Affirmations” Louise Hay, Dr. Oz, Oprah, the editors of the Chicken Soup […]

It is difficult today to avoid the marketing of gems or stones with claims that these gems have some kind of meaning or power. You might here or read that […]

Spirituality is a Package Deal It is crucial in understanding the New Age to know that it sees everything in a spiritual way, from a plastic container (“bad energy, low […]

The story in the movie “New Moon,” mirrors the book; the main differences are that due to time, the movie mercifully leaves out some things and cuts short many lengthy […]

“I’d rather he killed me now than move one inch from where I was.” Bella, speaking of her desire to be with Edward, even if he kills her.   “They […]

(First published in Midwest Christian Outreach Journal) Learning to see energy around plants and people, feeling that the universe is an extension of your body, being guided by whatever might first […]

John Philip Newell, who runs a spiritual community in Iona, Scotland,  as well as The School of Earth and Soul in the United States (Colorado and Virginia), has become well […]