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Audio Interview on Christian Mysticism Part 1, as guest of One Fear with Dominick & Danielle: Discussion of Teresa of Avila’s Mansions or Interior Castle and R. Thomas Ashbrook’s book, […]

The original video of Tim Mackie’s talk at Bridgetown Church in Portland, Oregon, “Prayer and Paradise,” dated Oct. 7, 2022, was the basis for the first version of this article, […]

Marcia Montenegro is a former Certified professional astrologer, former teacher of astrology, former President of the Atlanta Astrological Society, and former Chairperson of the Atlanta Board of Astrology Examiners   […]

I have known that many New Age-friendly programs fly under the radar in the schools by coming through as part of SEL (Social Emotional Learning). This allows practices like Mindfulness […]

Video interview as guest of Truth Unbound with Walter Swaim discussing New Age ideas and tools in the church

More exposure is needed of the teachings behind the Contemplative practices surging through the church, an area I have researched and written on since the late 1990s. The first part […]

  This article includes concerns with Michael Heiser, John Mark Comer, and Gregory Boyd, all influences on Bible Project’s Tim Mackie         Five points of concerns are […]

Interview on the New Age with Dave Jenkins of Equipping You in Grace, top part is audio and bottom part is video

Video interview with Pastor Walter Swaim of Truth Unbound, part 1, giving my testimony with some talk about the New Age

Video interview on the McFiles program on mysticism in the church (Contemplative Prayer)