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The CANA article, “The Basic Spirituality of Yoga,”  is hosted by Midwest Christian Outreach

Yoga is increasingly being presented under other names. Sometimes it is called Christian Yoga or Sacred Moves; it may be called “Mind Body Spirit,” or another innocuous-sounding name. But whoever […]

A children’s section of the March 7, 2010 Washington Post (“The Mini Page”), called “Go Yoga,” highlighted Yoga with stories, photos, and puzzles. The feature also offered New Age websites […]

Yoga has become so well packaged as an exercise that people even believe this was the original intent of yoga, often calling yoga “stretching exercises.” People in the U.S. and […]

Yoga in India is taught and practiced in many forms because there are various forms of yoga. In this country, we most often encounter hatha yoga, the physical form of […]

First and foremost, Yoga is a process of spiritual unfoldment. Yoga is a 5000 year old system of self-knowledge and God-realization, the aim of which is unleashing the full hidden potential […]

1. “Alternative medicine” is called alternative because the technique/ drug/ herb has not been or cannot be adequately tested, or has been found ineffective or dangerous. If it were a […]