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What Is Smudging? Burning sage, usually called Smudging, is shamanic; that is, it has been practiced by indigenous groups for spiritual or even supernatural purposes, and it is common in […]

The Idol of Breath Breath and breathing have become a focus in our culture due to the invasion of alternative healing, the intense focus on health, and the influence of […]

ASTROLOGY   Q. In Matthew, Chapter 2, weren’t the Magi who came to see Jesus astrologers? Does this mean astrology is okay? What was the star of Bethlehem?   The Magi […]

[Note: This is an evaluation of spiritual perspectives in the movie, not a summary of the plot or a critique of the acting. Parents of younger children, keep in mind this […]

Many articles on this site reference “spirit guides,” which are used by psychics, astrologers, mediums, energy healers, those who contact angels, most if not all in the New Age, and […]

Article published in the Christian Research Journal.  

First written in 2001 A brochure advertising Reiki, an energy healing technique, translates the word “Reiki” as “guided Universal Life Force Energy,” (Ana Jones, certified Reiki Master-Teacher, Professional Intuitive, and […]

Television psychic hotlines and shows featuring psychics have become more popular. Psychics (sometimes called clairvoyants) will tell you that everyone has psychic ability which can be developed. Just who are […]

Definition of the occult: The occult is an umbrella term which includes many practices and belief systems. These beliefs are usually based on the idea that everything is or contains […]

Some of the things God has to say about what we call the occult are listed here. First, what is the occult? The occult is a set of practices that […]