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Pokemon: Animism and Occultism

When the Pokemon game (cards, video games, and spinoffs)  was becoming huge in the culture, I was getting questions about it from both parents and teens, especially when I spoke […]

This article is on the site of the Christian Research Journal which published it on Jan. 18, 2011

Audio Interview as guest of His Kingdom His Culture Northwest Christian School (Phoenix, Arizona) discussing my past and the occult themes of the film, “Frozen 2.” This was recorded in […]

(Updated 2019) What do Dr. Oz and the founder of Homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann, have in common? Both are/were followers of the teachings of Emmanuel Swedenborg – scientist turned mystic, angel-whisperer, […]

Definition of the Occult The occult is an umbrella term which includes many practices linked to various belief systems. The concepts and teachings are usually based on beliefs that:   […]

Some of the things God has to say about what we call the occult are listed here. First, what is the occult? The occult is a set of practices that […]

The occult is a set of practices associated with diverse beliefs listed in Deuteronomy 18:10-12. The New Age and the occult are two separate categories, though they overlap in practice. […]

One of the worst things to do is to make the Bible say sometthing it does not say. It is also deceptive to talk about neuroscience when one is not quailfied to do so. Yet CAROLINE LEAF does both of these things, and more, misleading thousands of people through her talks and books.

Noted writer Richard Foster recommends a prayer from a book by his mentor, Agnes Sanford, on his Renovare site. This prayer displays in part the very disturbing views of Sanford and demonstrates the deception Foster is in for recommeding the prayer and the book, and for admiring Sanford. See why this prayer technique is not a Christian prayer.

Breaking It Down Visualization is more than using imagination. It is a technique that exploits imagination in the belief that it can bring about a result merely through the imagination […]