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One of the worst things to do is to make the Bible say sometthing it does not say. It is also deceptive to talk about neuroscience when one is not quailfied to do so. Yet CAROLINE LEAF does both of these things, and more, misleading thousands of people through her talks and books.

(Updated 2019) What do Dr. Oz and the founder of Homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann, have in common? Both are/were followers of the teachings of Emmanuel Swedenborg – scientist turned mystic, angel-whisperer, […]

[NOTE: I was asked to critique this book for the American Gospel 3, and so I decided to put my notes into an article. I do not normally cover the […]

Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957)

It always comes down to “energy,” a belief that we can mend ills with some kind of directed or awakened force. This idea of energy can be seen in the […]

Illustrates idea behind Earthing or Grounding

What Earthing is Not EARTHING (or Grounding) just won’t die and continues to kick up dirt drawing a lot of attention. Let us be clear first on what Earthing is […]

1. “Alternative medicine” is called alternative because the technique/ drug/ herb has not been or cannot be adequately tested, or has been found ineffective or dangerous. If it were a […]