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The idea is that who you think you are is not actually who you are, but is a construct. This supposedly opens the way for one to be free and construct a “new you.” But this is a classic cult technique also found in New Age and other esoteric teachings. Keep in mind that Erhard, the founder of Landmark (originally est), had been involved in Scientology, one of the most quintessential cults in existence and masters at mind manipulation, as well as being influenced by Zen Buddhism.

The church was founded by Jesus Christ, and he is the cornerstone. The church has a supernatural dimension due to its Founder, and because all believers, who are indwelt by […]

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First written in 2001 [If you are Goth or are in a vampyre lifestyle, I would appreciate your thoughts on this article. Please email me. Thank you in advance for […]

[NOTE: If you consider yourself a fan of Marilyn Manson, I’d like to hear from you. Please email me from this site and let me know why you like Manson and […]

First written June, 2003. Updated October, 2023   The Human Potential Movement and related teachings are based on human-centered psychology, much of it stemming from Abraham Maslow, his ‘heirarchy of […]

Halloween is a confusing mess in terms of origins. Claims that it has pagan origins or is a Satanic holiday are false. “Halloween” comes from the eve of all Hallows […]

[First written in 2005; adapted and modified from author’s article in The Christian Research Journal, Vol. 29, Issue No. 1, 2006] There are probably few subculture movements in society today […]